Definite Simple Red Velvet Doughnuts

Making red velvet cake donuts cream cheese glazing. And using natural pure ingredients even for the color (beet root Puree/ juice). Along with whole milk.


A doughnut is a sweet dessert made with fried leavened dough with various toppings and flavors. Doughnuts made with high protein flour are less dense and more airy with yeast used as a leavening agent, which feeds on the present sugars and releases carbon dioxide. Hence this results in raising the dough and making it light and porous. Whereas this is a biological process, in cake doughnuts which are more dense, leavening process is chemical; using baking powder (baking soda + an acid) as leavening agent, this neutralizes the base and produces CO2 gas.

  • Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Olive Oil
  • Dark Cocoa Powder
  • Beet root puree
  • Eggs

Dry Ingredients:

In a bowl take 144 g of flour, 14 grams of natural dark cocoa powder, 1 tsp of baking powder, 144 g of natural brown sugar, quarter teaspoon of salt, afterwards, sift the ingredients.

Wet Ingredients:

144 ml of butter milk or whole milk, 1 tsp of natural vanilla extract (5 ml), (add a tsp of sinae makki essence), add 50 g of warm melted natural butter and then add 1 egg at room temperature and whisk.

Next add some beet root puree or powder for the dark red color, and mix.

  • After that, combine the dry and wet ingredients, until everything is incorporated and smooth.

Cream Cheese Glazing:

In a food processor take 90 g of soft room temperature cream cheese, 50 g of butter at room temperature, tsp of natural vanilla essence (5 ml), and mix, next add 80 ml of milk while mixing, after that add in 100 g of honey or powdered sugar to taste.

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