Easy Homemade Natural Banana/ Fruit Ice Cream

Natural and Healthy Banana Ice cream, a great frozen desert. Made with frozen natural bananas, honey, heavy whipping cream and condensed milk.

Healthy and natural simple banana ice cream

  1. Whole Milk or evaporated/ condensed milk for higher fat content
  2. Honey
  3. Heavy whipping cream
  4. Frozen bananas (or any other desired good fruit)
  • In a blender blend some frozen banana slices, with small amount of whole milk to ease the blending process and at the same time keeping it thick. In addition add some honey.
  • At this point dates and nuts can also be added if desired.
  • Next add some cocoa powder or milk powder and some (evaporated) condensed milk. Ideally fat content should be around 13 percent for a smooth texture.
  • Thereafter, blend until smooth and the pour out the mixture/ smoothie in metal container and freeze (ice cream) for at least 5 hours or possibly overnight.
ice cream