Fresh Organic Vanilla Ice cream

Making Vanilla Ice cream with pure, natural and organic fresh ingredients. Using whole milk, heavy cream, vanilla extract and honey.

Use organic, natural and pure ingredients

  1. Milk
  2. Heavy Cream
  3. Honey
  4. Milk Powder/ Protein Powder/ Cocoa Powder
  5. Corn Flour (optional)
  6. Natural Vanilla extract
  7. (Saffron, Rose water)
  • In a container take milk and heavy cream with a ratio that gets a 13 to 16 percent fat content (make sure there is more cream than milk, resulting in less water as cream has a higher fat content of around 36 %, relative to milk which is around 4%; consequently having smaller ice crystals and hence a smooth texture), and blend it with natural vanilla beans paste or its extract.
  • Next pour the mixture in a pan and add some honey (or sugar) and mix to incorporate; which will help lower the temperature at which water freezes (its anti-freeze, making ice cream scoop-able at sub zero temperature), as ice creams are usually 55 to 89 percent water content.
  • Then add some milk powder (or Cocoa powder) in addition to cream earlier, as fats help replace water which results in smaller ice crystals and a smooth texture. And then strain it out and freeze this ice cream base.
  • Afterwards, churn it in the ice cream machine with right temperature. Then freeze it again for at least 5 hours or possibly overnight. Use it with melted dark chocolate or peanut butter.

Making Ice Cream with Liquid Nitrogen

To make ice cream with liquid nitrogen simply take the ice cream base and pour it in the mixer and start mixing while gradually adding the liquid nitrogen into the mix. Be careful and safety measures should be taken. It makes for a quick ice cream.

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