Awesome kheer (Condensed Milk Rice dessert)

Cold condensed milk rice pudding made with organic mashed rice, pure whole milk, khoya (decicated milk), Honey, and desired nuts; such as almonds and cashews.

Cold condensed milk rice pudding

  1. Rice
  2. Pure whole milk
  3. Khoya
  4. Honey
  5. Almonds/ Cashews/ Pistachio
  • Take 600 g of rice and soak them for an hour or so.
  • Grind 100 g of almonds and cashews.
  • Strain the soaked rice and mash them to smooth paste like consistency.


Next in a pan, put in the mashed rice and add in water enough to submerge the given rice and mix. Cook for around 13 to 15 minutes on medium flame or heat.

Then pour in the ground almonds and cashews and mix again to combine. Afterwards, add 190 ml of honey, 1 tsp cinnamon powder, 2.1 liters of whole milk, 400 g of khoya (heat desiccated milk) and/ or milk powder can also be used.

After that mix, evaporate and cook while mixing until a thick desired consistency is achieved.

Thereafter, pour in the desired container probably a ceramic one and decorate with fresh desired fruits and nuts; then refrigerate until cold.

Making Khoya/ Heat desiccated Milk

Khoya is made by heating a mixture of milk, desi ghee/ butter and or including milk powder. And evaporated to a paste like solid consistency and then cooled.